Laptop Repair

Laptop won't turn on or boot up

You tried to turn on the laptop but the screen remains black or no light activities are present. This could be a minor issue and we can help you to fix it or If you can see something on the screen but cannot login to Windows then let us check it for you & give you a free estimate. We’re here to help get you back online.

Laptop is freezing or very slow

When the laptop freezes in the middle of doing something such as surfing the net, watching online video or doing anything on it or if it’s just only slow then contact us now to have it back to its normal self in no time!


Laptop overheating issues are a common hardware problem. Maybe the cooling fan needs to be replaced or adjusted and cleaned from Dust. It would be a great idea to maintain your laptop and keep it cool.

LED / LCD screen repair

Has your screen reached its last days of life? Someone accidentally stepped on it? Maybe fall off a table? No matter what size of screen you have, we can replace it.

DC power jack is loose or broken

The power jack is the power connector on the laptop where you connect it with the power adapter or power charger. If you break it and cannot charge your laptop or it has come loose over time then contact us now! We are the only ones that can repair motherboards without having the large cost of replacing them.

Common software or hardware issues

We can repair any laptop hardware issue such as hard drive, motherboard, video card, wireless card…etc. We also fix windows error messages, blue screen, read disk failure, viruses, malware infections, windows updates, internet connection…and more. Contact Us now!

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