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Laptop Repair

We do what others won’t. Loose power plug? Broken USB port? Spilled a liquid on the keyboard? Not everything, including the motherboard has to be replaced. Maybe it just needs to be fixed. Yes we do that!

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By The Byte offers assistance 24/7. Our goal is to get you back online as fast as possible. Depending on your issue at hand we have alternative methods that just may get you back up and functioning for the short term. Ask us how.

Web Design & Hosting

Pick your flavor. From online presence to a built from the ground up solution. Host on your own or with our managed service. The choices are yours to make.

Just A Few Nice Words

By The Byte has the ability to adapt to almost any situation. Their unique way of working with other companies and vast list of subject matter experts allows them to handle almost any situation.

Tricia Barrett

Chief Administrative Assistant, Bradford Board of Trade

James has been working on my computer issues since the late 1990’s. Although moving the business to Bradford he continues to support my computer needs. They have the ability to remotely administer my computer on my schedule.

Gail Robertson

Retired, Residential Client

Many of my clients compliment on my companies website. By The Byte managed to pull all my thoughts in to reality by creating the perfect website for my business. Thank you.

Michael Ciric

Owner, Touch Of Tint

By The Byte has assisted me with digitizing a lot of my forms elevating the need for hand written documents. That combined with home and office networking allowing me to virtually work from anywhere.

James McNeill

Mortgage Broker, Centum Mortgages

From Our Blog

Open NAT

There are two possible reasons you're reading this right now. 1- You see that you have a strict NAT on your Xbox or other gaming device or you have noticed you can't join friends games because you have a strict NAT setting that refuses to connect. Either way we can...


 By The Byte has just been awarded the privilege of being a Emsisoft License Re-seller! (Enter applause here). Emsisoft is one of the highest rated Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus solution for windows based PC's. It's designed to be light and fast and works quietly in the...

Search By Image

Did you know that you can search google with a picture?  Having trouble identifying a bug or item in question? Well let me introduce you to "Google Image Search". Just go to and click the camera. From there you can drag and drop your photo of...

Pokemon Go Dangers

We could list many dangerous scenario's by playing this game out on the open streets, but one seems to stand out more than most. I'm sure we're not the fist to think of this but now you have the ability to lure others to your business, home or a dark alley! Do you see...

Windows 10 Reset

So many times I've seen on facebook and other social media platforms a cry for help for computers running slow or filled with so much malware that the computer is useless to the end user. Everyone wants to know who has the best prices in town and who is the most...

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