Instant OS

The Challenge

  • Making a light version of the OS
  • The ability to save the settings and files (Limited to USB storage capacity)
  • Pre installing a word processor that reads Microsoft Office documents
  • Making a foolproof start-up
  • Teaching the clients of the limitations
  • Overcome the clients fear of a different OS than MS Windows
  • Look and feel of windows

The Solution

This low cost USB OS will help clients who need a computer back up and running quickly. It will also offer a bandaid solution to their ill feeling computer repair costs. We have taken calls from potential clients who may have difficulty with the high cost repair or cost of a new computer. They need something to fill the gap. That is where this plug and play system will take over. If they have a failing hard drive, slow computer or an infected one, simply plug this into an available USB slot, boot the machine from USB and a fully functioning OS will start up. This is not meant to be a full time fix, merely an affordable option.

Coming Soon...

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