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Fast turnaround and quality service our computer repair department is top notch. Our support ticketing system keeps you updated throughout the repair process. We offer free pick-up and delivery.

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Computer Repair

We have years of experience servicing all types of devices. We offer free pick-up and delivery of your computer within our service area.  

OEM Where Possible

We try and use original parts where we can. Sometimes due to age of the machines or cost to the client we will use aftermarket products but we will fully disclose this to our clients before the replacement takes place.

All In One

If your computer is classed as a “All In One” meaning everything is contained within the monitor ie Hard Drive, Motherboard etc, one piece. Most repair shops will not work on them. We reserve the right to look at the device first and determine if a repair can be carried out without major complications and we may refuse to attempt the repair.

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