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We never claim to know everything about everything. But we have the experts at our fingertips and we are not afraid to use them. So what are you waiting for? We do Business Networks, Home and Business Servers, Computer Repairs, Data Recovery, Upgrades, Websites, Hosting, SEO, Adwords Management, Shopify Store Setups, Facebook Posting… Whew! Just to name a few. We have also wired homes, installed Wireless Access Points and Security Cams. I could go on. But call us, we can have a chat. 

Want To Talk It Out?

Did you know that 50% of computer problems we solve on the initial phone call? We don’t have a storefront so we are not fighting to keep the lights on. We do like to make money don’t get us wrong, but we won’t ask that we have to see it all the time. Sometimes, its just a couple quick clicks that we walk you through to fix it yourself. No charge for those little changes. If we realize the problem is bigger than that, then we will ask to see the machine. 

Network Troubles

9 times out of 10 the problem is not on the network. Sorry but that is just a fact of life. However that 1 time still shows its ugly face from time to time. We can come out and diagnose the network to see where that pesky bug is and help you squash the problem.

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