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Looking to expand your business’ network? Considering a server to handle the load? Or maybe you require service on an existing network. Windows or Linux we have experience to help. 

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Network Servers

Are you finding your computers are slowing down as you have 5 or more devices connected together? Did you know that anything more than 5 computers should be run over a domain? This can be a big decision for most. Talk to us today and find the benefits of expansion! 

Windows Servers

This is by far the most popular office networking type of server. Not because its better than Linux but people find it easier to navigate when logged directly in to. However depending on the number of users these servers can get costly.

Linux Servers

We mostly install Ubuntu servers here. The mostly resemble Apple servers as they have similar operating system styles. A bit of a learning curve if you’re coming from a Windows environment. But well worth it in our opinion.

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By The Byte - Operates out of Bradford West Gwillimbury Ontario, Canada. Our website options are available globally but our computer and network support services are limited to the service area described. We've been in the business over 10 years now and through our travels we have gained highly knowledgeable colleagues throughout the IT Industry and employ them when required. This gives us the ability to bring to you the experts in their fields when the going gets tough. We believe that one person cannot know everything and we rely on this network of people to get you (Our Client) where you need to be.

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