Have you heard?  Google has announced it will be dropping website rankings if your site doesn’t comply with their up and coming algorithm. And for the most part we agree!

Starting April 21, Google has made important changes to the search algorithm. Hereby, mobile-optimized websites will be given preference in the search results. Websites without adaptation will be ranked lower in the hit list on smartphones, so that it will be more difficult to find them. With a higher percentage of users surfing in and out of websites on mobile devices such as Ipads, Smartphones and tablets we understand and back the decision by Google. So are you ready with your website? We’ve found a handy website you can use to see if your website has what it takes to stay on top of Google.  http://mobiletest.me/ (mobile test) will show your site within a device of your choosing.  So curl up to your favorite desktop computer and give it a try.  You just might pass! But if the site looks all out of whack, well you might just want to give us a call.

ByTheByte uses one of the smartest website engines on the market. Our software allows for you to maintain one site instead of two (Your main site and your mobile site). Our software checks your screen size and adapts to it.  Displaying the right content for the right device.

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