Jolly Jumper With Stand


The Orginal Jolly Jumper (Used) Like New.

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Jolly Jumper Exerciser on a Stand is portable and fits in any room.  Door frames are not necessary for this exerciser as the Jolly Jumper is attached to the Stand.  Jolly Jumper is the original baby exerciser.  The saddle is designed to fit baby like a second skin in much the same way as a surgical back support or weight lifter's belt fits an adult.  Most imitations of our exerciser do not provide this type of support.  The Jolly Jumper Exerciser is sturdy & scientifically designed, allowing baby to enjoy healthy exercise from as early as *3 months (*if baby can hold head up with full neck support) to walking age with a maximum weight of 13 kg or 28 lbs.  Your baby will build strength, balance & coordination safely & comfortably with Jolly Jumper

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