The Ask

  • Update the look and feel
  • Modernize the layout
  • Improve the search engine rankings
  • Properly integrate Social Media

The Solution

By The Byte presented the client with a fresh new look and a very easy to navigate website. Its main purpose is to engage the potential client with multiple opportunities to engage the company with a free quote for their services.

We have also taken on the SEO aspect of the site to which we will improve the websites rankings within search engines the natural way without the instant cash grabbing adwords. We will continue working with the client in making the website search engine friendly and building up the requirements wanted by the search engines to improve rankings. This will require a lot of research and implementation.

Scarborough Disposal

Yes we do SEO work upon request only

Search Engine Optimization is not something to be taken lightly. Many companies out there promise first page ranks right out of the gate. Most accomplish this by charging the clients thousands of dollars and simply purchase advertisements. Problem is this only lasts as long as your wallet will allow. Some industries use their employees to click on the ads of their competitors until the bank runs dry. Just as an example if your companies ad comes up on the first page or wherever, each time someone clicks the link the search engine collects money. If your account empties, you no longer appear. So why not spend the time and do it properly? We increase the websites rank with no hard promises. We will do all we can, but remember not everyone can be first page. Your company may not have the online presence to obtain this goal. But we can try and get you as close as possible. We won’t make unobtainable promises, but we will make the changes required to get there. It takes time and patience and a constant work in progress. Want to talk to us about it? Contact us today.

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