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By The Byte SupportThere are many people and businesses out there that can help with most problems related to your computer repair, website or Social Media Marketing, but how many enlist the right people for the right support job? Would you have your TV repaired by a Plumber? Well the same applies to your computer and website etc. “Programmers are not Designers and Designers are not Programmers”. That’s why By The Byte brings peoples specific skill sets to each job granted to us. We do not directly employ our specialists but rather call on them on a need by need basis. We have an extensive list of highly trained specialists at our fingertips which we have collected and worked with during our 25+ combined years in IT. We have designers, programmers, hardware repair specialists, database admins, MS Certified, Linux specialists. When you call on By The Byte for your needs you are calling on a community of trained individuals. We are the only ones that work with our competition instead of against them. We have a village mindset and draw upon everyone’s expertise. If we can’t fix it, we will find the business/person who can.


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