Like me I’m sure some ofAdBlock you are getting tired of all the advertisements flashing around sites you visit on a daily basis or even on those not so friendly torrent sites everyone uses to try a product before you buy. Well you can say goodbye to them now. I so happened to stumble across and ad blocking program that quietly works in the background, has quick click options to disable it for websites of your choice and the best part is you can pay what you like to use the program! They accept donations and to be honest its well worth more than what they’re asking for.  The only thing, if you’re not a Chrome Browser User then this isn’t for you.  AdBlock is an extension of Chrome and can be found here:

I cannot say enough about this product and it can work for you too for as little as $5.00.  They do work on the honor system so you can use the program for free.  But I believe everyone will donate a little something when you see how well it works!

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