Google+ decided to give me a present the other day and I feel you should all be aware of it.  For some reason at 11:25PM to 11:40PM Google+ decided to use 6.5 Gigabytes of data! And it did it within the 15 minutes of time!  The only reason I knew something was going on was the text messages from the service provider telling me I was about to breech my allotted limit of data usage, then within a minute I was told I have now exceeded my limit and will be charged per megabyte. Happy Times!

Upon further investigation it seems that Google+ was working in the background and it’s a common occurrence.  But don’t panic, there is a work around.  You just need to go into your settings, select data usage, find google+ then disable “work in the background”.  Or you can take your chances with letting it go and it may or may not happen to you.  The good news is my service provider was fully aware this has happened to a few people and credited my account.

The bad news is Google+ is embedded in your android phone and you cannot remove it if you don’t even use it.  Even if you never signed up for a Google+ account, this can happen to you.


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